Professional and Medical Grade Products

Medical Grade Skincare — Environ
Anti-aging treatments or sun-damaged skin, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. Environ products were born in response to the need to maintain healthy skin, to control again, and to help control skin cancer. They have two main cosmeceutical agents: Vitamin A and Alpha Hydroxy Acids.*

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Botanical/Healthy — Sunshine Botanical
This line is tops for safety and used with our Oncology and Wisdom clients and those with a very compromised immune function and skin barrier function. You can count on its natural-based ingredients to help your skin get back in balance, and protected while leaving you with a fresh, hydrated, youthful glow.*

Mineral Makeup — Motives by Loren Ridinger & Motives by LaLa
Pure minerals, deep, intense pigments that last forever, no toxic chemicals, and priced right! This is the line I use personally, as well as on my clients and brides. For more details or to order, click here.*

 Vitamins & More
Powder mixed with water means faster absorption, maximum absorption, and no stomach irritation. Custom blend for your personal needs or take advantage of kits. Digestive enzymes with probiotics, OPC-3 antioxidant blend, joint formula, and more. Plus a whole line of PRIME anti-aging supplements, including a remedy for hot flashes! For more details or to order, click here.*

Custom Blends
Custom blended at the studio for your skin tone, type, and condition. It takes about 30 minutes and your formula is kept on file. Shipping available for all reorders at just $5. Book an appointment for your Custom Blend today!*

Face Reality
Face Reality offers products that suit specific acne conditions. This particular program is customized for the condition of your skin at the time of treatment. We will take a thorough history during our initial consultation, discuss your particular lifestyle, analyze your skin and the type of acne you present with; along with all products that come in contact with your skin, as well as internal factors that can affect your pore function.*
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