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Carleen McIlveen

Carleen McIlveen, LE, COE, MUA

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Carleen is the Founder and President of Imagine By Carleen Inc. She is a Licensed Esthetician, Certified in Oncology Esthetics and a Professional Makeup Artist and Photographer. Other certifications and specializations include in Environ Peels, Progressive Peels and Anti-aging treatments, Microneedling, Microcurrent Facial Sculpting, Acne Healing, Makeup for special events, video and print.  She also teaches makeup and skin care part time and independently

Sharon Madison, LMT, NTS MA69530

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Sharon graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics more than 10 years ago, training in massage and several modalities that help people to heal themselves. She is a firm believer that everybody has the ability to heal themselves. Sharon’s massage style is a combination of Swedish Massage, Stretching, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Hot Towels.  Sharon also offers Cupping and Manual Lymph Drainage.  Each session is specifically designed for you. Sharon has a passion to help women grow on all levels.

Dawn Eisenhauer, LE, MUA,Team Lead-Face Reality

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Dawn is a graduate of Florida Academy of massage and skin care. She is a licensed esthetician, and Face Reality acne specialist and a professional makeup artist. She has a background in business management. Dawn’s esthetic background is in hydrating facials, microdermabrasion, enhanced chemical peels and makeup application. Dawn’s forte is in acne healing and facial waxing. Her passion is to help people enhance their natural beauty and encourage overall health with exercise and nutrition. Dawn is an avid exercise enthusiast and believes that exercise encourages natural skin health.

Tiffany Johnson, LMT

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Born and raised here in Lee county, she always had the passion for bodywork. She graduated from Florida Academy specializing in Innovative and Biologically Based Therapies three years ago. Tiffany also has many years in body contouring (body wraps). Tiffany has also had a couple years working alongside the medical portion of the chiropractic office. Tiffany is a mother of two beautiful girls who thrive everyday. She has a passion for healing and reviving the body. She incorporates different techniques from Neuromuscular, stretching, Swedish, Trigger point and therapeutic modalities for each massage.

Victoria Dunn

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Victoria Dunn is practically a S.W. Florida native. Having lived here since 1995 and raised four children here. She’s studied Health and Wellness at Rasmussen College; has her Wellness in Clinical Practice from The National Wellness Institute and Personal Training from The National Academy of Sports Medicine. A Wellness Professional for over 17 years, her passion is helping others turn their dreams into reality. In her free time she loves to learn as well as spending weekends connecting with nature with her husband Robert of 30 years. In addition to being a Wellness and Life Coach; Victoria offers private training sessions. She has also had the privilege of creating a Pilates video for recovering patients for NASA Neuroscience and Spine Associates of Fort Myers, Florida. Her professionalism, experience and knowledge are sure to get you the results you are looking for. 
Lauren Michelle Hartzer
Lauren Michelle Hartzer, LE, MUA, ILES 
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Born in Las Vegas, NV and raised in Key West, FL, she grew up understanding beauty not just in people but in the world around her. Lauren Michelle started modeling at a young age which grew her love of makeup and fashion. Along with this life-changing experience, she learned how important it is to have a flawless skin care regimen. 
After seven years of college, Lauren still wasn’t able to find what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. In 2015, Lauren went back to Las Vegas to marry the man of her dreams. There, she finally figured it out! All because of the amazing make up artist she had on her wedding day, Lauren knew, she had to become one. 
So, after aesthetician school at Sunstate Academy, she was finally able to do the makeup she dreamed of doing. Although, while Lauren was there, she learned to love a few other things as well. Lauren  Michelle learned full body waxing, facials and individual eyelash extensions. Lauren Michelle couldn’t be happier in the career she chose for herself and can’t wait to show you how much she loves it! 

Holly Riggs, Prenatal Yoga Instructor
Holly comes to us from Orlando, FL where she trained to be a Doula and Prenatal yoga instructor just months before becoming a mother herself. In her experience, she found practicing prenatal yoga and having a doula postpartum were essential to a healthy, low impact, and blissful birth! 

She has worked as an intuitive life coach for almost 10 years and loves to provide assistance and support in this way. Holly is a certified Reike practitioner and offers sessions to all her coaching clients. She has also studied and practiced medical qi gong with Sifu Jim Leary. Qi Gong weaves its way through her yoga practice and teachings. Holly’s style of yoga reflects her way of life: passionate, compassionate, varied, and never boring.  

Holly is our Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor and proud owner of Jolly Mama Coaching. Holly is available at Imagine Wellness Spa by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Mariola May, Certified Lifestyle Consultant
With the Intelligent Wellness System, Mariola specializes in Energy Balancing and Wellness using the modalities of Ionic Foot Spa for total body detoxification, the IMRS mat, a magnetic resonance stimulation mat that regenerates cellular electromagnetic energy to produce at your full energy level, bringing down inflammation and increasing circulation. Mariola also uses the Scio biofeedback system for identifying system imbalances and aiding in resetting them for optimal health. Mariola has a passion for working with people challenged by special needs.

Karen Gomez, Certified Holistic Life and Wellness Coach
Karen is a wellness advisor and remote coach with Imagine Wellness Spa, visiting the spa several times per year. Karen is acknowledged as an insightful and intuitive health and wellness coach and teacher of holistic studies. She is the founder of We Are The ONES Wellness and Coaching and Karen Gomez Wellness Consulting. Her focus is to inspire people to trust their inner voice, live as a passionate and courageous individual, and to serve others through coaching and teaching to live a fulfilling, healthy and spiritual life. She is a certified Holistic Life and Wellness Coach, a Higher Ground Leadership ® coach, an Oasis In The Overwhelm ® Facilitator and master teacher of yoga, meditation, and Reiki energy healing. Her teachings on Mindfulness for Clarity, Seven Dimensions of Wellness, TLS Weight Management, The Conscious Leader, and Stress to Resilience are a few of her programs offered to enhance one’s personal development. Individuals, organizations, and non-profits have experienced remarkable transformations through her unique coaching, wisdom and approach. She has helped individuals and companies transform their thinking on mindfulness and how daily meditation, yoga, and over all healthy living result in greater clarity and productivity for the individual and the organization. Karen now resides in Connecticut with her husband, and two dogs, planning to turn her visits into more extended snow-bird-type retreats.

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