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Whether you suffer from chronic pain or you need rejuvenation, Imagine Wellness Spa is the place to be! Choose from our wide range of massages to improve your health condition or to experience a therapeutic session to relax your body, mind, and soul. Schedule an appointment with our licensed massage therapist today!*

We have massage sessions starting from $65 and up. These sessions have a duration of 1 ½ hours. They're custom tailored to your needs. Essential oils and hot towel treatments are usually used in each session. A 60-minute therapeutic massage (targeting your specific needs and style) is $75.

An Array of Massage and Body Therapies to Heal Various Conditions*

  • Himalayan Salt Stone Massage - An innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous and meridians. This is an hour-and-a-half session, where the stones are heated and used during the massages. $120.00
  • Essential Oil Touch Therapy - This service can be added on to a massage session or it can be a totally relaxing 45-minute session, using 9 specific essential oils, chosen specifically to target stress, inflammation, and calming the nervous system. $55.00
  • Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt Scrub - This is a 60-minute session, using a mix of Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, and oils to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. It's followed by a body butter massage to lock in the moisture and relieve sore muscles.    $80.00
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment - This session is approximately 50-minutes long. It is not a massage session. It is a very light work where the lymph system is manually manipulated. This is a very helpful treatment because your lymph system does not have its own delivery system like your blood system. The lymphatic system relies on the blood pumping system, exercise, and outside stimulus. Having regular massage and lymph drainage treatment helps your body’s immune system.  MLD is also recommended for post-surgical treatments or ongoing in cases of lymphedema. This treatment is great to do after 5 to 6 massages.      Starting at $60 for the first hour.
  • Pregnancy Massage - This is a 75-minute session for moms-to-be. Prenatal Massage has so many benefits; better circulation, ease muscle tension, addresses aches and pains and emotional and mental stress from all of the changes the body goes through during pregnancy and more. $90.00
  • Sports Massage - Focuses on preventing injury, relieving soreness and helping speed up muscle recovery by flushing out toxins and waste. Active-isolated stretches are also used to increase flexibility and range of motion. Starting at $45
  • Assisted Stretching - Assisted Stretching is a very powerful way to release ligaments and joints. It can be done either passive or passive/active depending on the clients specific needs.  Starting at $45
  • Body WrapsThe Body Wrap Treatments are 60-minute sessions where we use an organically grown aloe solution combined with herbs designed to seep down into the fat cells and release toxins. This is good for weight loss, detoxification, and relaxation. Your session starts with a special aloe wash which opens your pores, then followed with an application of the aloe gel. Linen clothes that have been soaked in another aloe solution are then placed on the body and lastly, you are wrapped with blankets like a cocoon. You relax for 45 minutes while enjoying a 20-minute scalp massage. The best results in weight loss are seen when you do a series of 7 to 12 sessions, 4 to 5 days apart with take-home products. Packages are available.   Cocoon Body Wraps - $75
Couples Massage - Both if you can delight in a 75 or 90 minute therapeutic massage in our couples room complete with nonalcoholic beverages, fruit, snacks and rose petals on our luxurious massage beds. Relax in the comfort of our cozy robes as you prepare for your services and again after, slowly taking the time to re-enter from the therapy. The 75 minute massage is $225 and you have the room for almost 2 hours. 90 minute massage is $255 and you have the room for a little more than two hours. 
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"Sharon gives the most amazing massage. She is truly intuitive when getting to the root of any tension or soreness you may be having. Very kind and loving hands. I always leave feeling relaxed and happy. She helps to get your Zen on!"
Melody M

" I saw Tiffany Johnson in the spa this past Saturday for a massage and what a treat and wonderful experience !! 
She was simply delightful and I felt relaxed and wonderful afterwards. 
I can't wait until I can return to see her again. If you ever get the opportunity and want a awesome massage ... 
make time to see her she's definitely a PRO at what she does. "
Kris M

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