Life-Enhancing Yoga Program

Improve your health and fitness, enhance your vitality, and lower your stress level with outstanding, trainer-led yoga sessions at Imagine Wellness Spa. Choose from our yoga packages that suits you the best and get going!

You can call us for more details or visit right away to join our class. Imagine Wellness Spa is a proud member of the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce.

Our Newest Yoga Classes

Whether you are pregnant, a beginner, or just stressed, this yoga class could be just what the doctor ordered. The first half of the class, we will focus on core strength and yoga basics. The second half will be all about unwinding and letting go of stress in the body. Throughout the class, there will be an emphasis on breath work, and letting yourself just be in the moment. We are excited for you to meet our newest team member, The Jolly Mama, Holly Riggs. She will be offering a variety of services in addition to teaching prenatal and wind-down yoga Monday and Thursday evenings. 

Prenatal Yoga: 6PM Every Monday & Thursday

This class provides a gateway into body awareness, strength, and breath work that will support mamas in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Through the use of yogic asana, pranayama, and mantra, we dive deep into meditative movement while finding connection to each other and our environment. Expectant should expect to feel supported, empowered, and capable through this practice. We find that when we connect movement with breath, one feeds the other and creates a vital energy. It is this energy that fuels the baby’s growth and keeps moms healthy and strong. 

Gentle Wind-Down Yoga: 7PM Every Monday & Thursday

When you find yourself exhausted at the end of a long day, but cannot seem to shut your brain off to relax, you need some wind-down yoga. In this class, we stretch, breathe, and release the worries of the day. We refocus our energies on creating energy relaxation for optimal health. This class is great for anyone! It is like a massage for the tired mind. Let go, relax, and wind-down with us. 

Godddess Yoga: Sunday Mornings 8:30 AM

The divine feminine in all of us could use a bit more attention. This class feeds the female aspect and embraces all that is soft, strong, changeable, fluid, and sensual. Anyone can take this class but it is tailor made for women! We will invoke the Goddess with lots of 3 part breathing, hip openers, and grounding asana.

Yin Yoga - Wednesday 6:00 PM

Yin Yoga balances your Practice and your Life. This is a process that requires lots of patience, yet the true potential of a re-awakening of your body, mind and soul become limitless! It is letting go and releasing to find deeper surrender, yet a revitalization without a forceful struggle of straining to achieve.

Yin Yoga practice is intended to bring Heath to the individual by the opening of the body and the mindfulness of internal processes and emotions. If you remain present to yourself and your body in the Yin Pose, and resist the urge to fidget and squirm, often major breakthroughs occur. It is through time and inquiry that you gently continue to stay present with your feelings of agitation and discomfort in your body, until it offers the sweet release of heightened understanding.

Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of Yoga where passive poses are held 3-6 minutes to release connective tissue holding patterns in the body. Meditation and Pranayama balance the mind and breath, creating connection to the body from deep within.
Cultivate flexibility, focus and a deeper connection to self through your Yin Yoga Practice.

Beginner Flow Class - Friday 2:00 PM

Build a strong foundation for your practice with this class. Offering modifications, breath awareness and alignment instructions in order to help you move more deeply into your Yoga experience and practice Ending with a Guided Relaxation and Meditation.

Reconnecting to your body with a clear, focused and relaxed mind creates a platform for transformation and is the perfect way to unwind from the day.
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Our yogis, Karen, Holly, and Tammy offer Private Yoga and Tiffany offers Assisted Stretching. 

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