Interesting Wellness Events

Take part in various exciting wellness events that are organized every month at Imagine Wellness Spa. From workshops to special wellness programs, you'll be delighted to attend these enriching sessions that'll motivate you to take a step further to better living.

Upcoming Events in May

TLS for Wellness
May 6th, 9:00AM 
Join Health Coach Melissa Miller for a 21-Day Transformation group
  • No counting calories!
  • Eat REAL food!
  • Lose up to 20 lbs in 21 days!
  • Lose those aches and pains- you'll feel great!
  • Full support, education, and recipes!
Food is medicine. Not only will you lose lbs/inches, you'll heal your body
and improve your health.
*New groups for monthly and private coaching is available.

Injections with Dana
May 15th,  10:00AM - 2:00PM
Professional injection specialist, Dana, a PA-C, comes up from the Naples area once a month with Dysport at $3.50 per unit and a variety of fillers from $450 per syringe on up. This is NOT a party, book a private session with her in one of our treatment rooms. Availability is limited. Call the spa to book please 239-471-7029.

Holistic Health Education Series

The Menopause Dialogue - Energy and Fatigue – 
Understanding the Impacts of Vitamin B
May 17, 2017;  6:00PM
Going through menopause can be highly stressful, however some women find their stress levels increase dramatically with no clear reason. Learn how Vitamin B can help irritability, anxiousness, and weight gain during menopause.

Anti-Aging for All
June 21, 2017;  6:00PM
Have you found yourself staring shamelessly into the mirror asking how does your esthetician keep her skin looking so good? Come and learn the 5 top keys to anti aging for all ages to uncover your best, beautiful self. Including topics on skin care regiment, exercise, and digestive health.

Acne Care
July 19, 2017;  6:00PM
Acne affects everyone from ages of 8 to 108. Come learn about the myths and the truths of proper skin care to get to the root cause of the problem and to determine if it is acne or an acne imposter!

Leaky Gut? - Learn how to repair – 
October 18, 2017;  6:00PM
Do you suffer from Allergies, Eczema and Psoriasis, or Inflammatory Bowel disease? It is possible you have a GI condition commonly known as “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. Come join us for an educational hour to learn the 4 steps to healing leaky gut and what toxic exposures you can easily eliminate.
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"Visited Carleen at the spa, took a tour of all the great services offered, and met each individual staff member, along with explaining their specific expertise. Decided to go for one of their best treatments designed with me in mind, after a consultation. Very thorough and let's just say, 90 minutes of treatment while relaxing was like a weekend away. Meditation and relaxation at its finest, and so much more. This is about your health, no gimmicks were found. Thank you all for your kindness."
Bob M

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